Made by hand. Inspired by the heart.

Welcome to our garden, where we’re every bit as proud of the impeccable skills of our artisan crafters as we are of the products they create. Look around, wander, enjoy the beauty. Because here, everything is done by hand. Every silk flower, every artificial tree, every true-to-nature bloom is a masterpiece, made by the most skilled hands in the industry. Any industry. Our floral arrangements are Petals exclusives, designed and assembled in the USA, in Cincinnati, Ohio, in a landscape of visual delights.

Handcrafted Silk/Artificial Trees & Plants.

  • Natural lifelike appearance.
  • High quality foliage & trunks.
  • Selection of sizes & shapes including everything from large trees to floor plants, to cubicle, tabletop & ledge planters.
  • Carefree maintenance.
  • Seeing is believing.