Faux Orchids & Heliconia Tropical Flower Arrangement

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Our arrangements are strapped into a foam cushion then secured to the bottom of a premium quality corrugated box, preventing shifting and breakage. Easy removal instructions are enclosed.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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Faux Orchids & Heliconia Tropical Flower Arrangement

Item #:
(17 Reviews) Write a Review
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Subtotal: $119.00


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Handcrafted Beauty and Texture

A wonderful mix of remarkably lifelike tropical flowers combine in a heavy glass tapered cube with our clear acrylic water. Bright floral color is enhanced by lush green foliage, capturing the natural beauty and freshness of an island resort in a silk flower arrangement for your home and office decor.

  • 14" Height x 16" Width
  • Heavy Glass Vase - 4.5"H x 4"W x 4"L
  • Crystal Clear Acrylic Water
  • Vibrant Tropical Color 
  • Lifelike Natural Detail
  • Designed and Assembled in USA
  • Petals Exclusive

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Customer Reviews

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when delivered, the box had been opened, as I wasn't home at the time. Nothing was out of order, and the recepeint was very happy!

Goes well with our tropical theme

Beautiful, colorful arrangement. Looks so real, lots of positive comments.

Tropical Flowers

This is the most amazing floral arrangement I have ever seen. Each flower has its own texture so anyone feeling the petals would believe it is real. Highly recommend for someone who wants to brighten a room!

Can I get a witness?

This arrangement of flowers was perfect for my coffee table. My friends have given me complements.

Beautiful, but size smaller than noted

This is a stunning arrangement and the flowers even FEEL real. However unfortunately, the size was smaller than advertised. The one I received was about 12.5 inches tall. MAYBE thirteen if I manipulated it a bit. It was longer (15 inches) than it was wide (10 inches... maybe 11 if I fluffed it out). So clearly it was not 16 inches round... So I had to return it, as it was just too small to fit in the space I had planned. Too bad, as the arrangement is quite nice. The folks at Petals were nice enough to cover the return shipping. I'm trying to decide a replacement, but I'm a bit shy about the sizes...

Faux orchids and heliconia tropical arrangement

Everyone has commented on the arrangement thinking it is real.


Beautiful combination of tropical flowers attractively arranged

Orchids and Heliconia Tropical Flower Arrangement

This is a gorgeous arrangement. It is exactly what I was looking for my dining room table. The flowers look and feel real. I’m very glad I purchased it.


This is a truly spectacular arrangement. I put it on top of my jewelry armoire. No more words can express how beautiful it is.

Faux Orchids & Heliconia Tropical Flower Arrangement

Absolutely stunning and exactly as pictured and expected.

Faux orchids and heliconia tropical flower arrangement

This arrangement is absolutely gorgeous! Not only do the flowers look real, but they FEEL real when you touch them! Everyone who sees them thinks they are actual flowers. . The perfect size for the centerpiece on the table.

Tropical Arrangement

Beautiful, and looks like its real flowers! They were packaged as if they were real. Both my daughters believed they were real, everyone has to touch them to be convinced they are silk. Realistic size, great impact of color. Love it!

LOVE it!

I bought this bright arrangement to place on the top of the dresser in my closet. It looks great! Picks up all the different colors of the hanging clothes.


Absolutely Love this Arrangement … it’s simply Perfectly Perfect


I received this arrangement from a friend after a car wreck and when it was delivered it looked so real I was carefully trying to remove it from the box. I finally got to the vase and was confused as to how there was water in it until I realized it was fake. Yes, it looks that real! Every time we have a new visitor they go on about it and think it's real; they're shocked when I tell them it's a silk arrangement. If you're on the fence just order it! You won't regret it!


Beautiful arrangement

Absolutely beautiful!

I have been ordering from you for our office and our home for years. Not once have I ever been disappointed! This arrangement is full of vibrant colors and is gorgeous; plus it has fooled everyone. I have yet to find a company that even comes close to the realism of these arrangements.